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Why VersaThin®?

Achieving the warmth, comfort and rich aesthetics of masonry has never been easier. VersaThin® by Meridian™ Brick is a genuine clay thin brick that can be easily installed onto practically any substrate. Our products have been used on all types of projects from interior design upgrades to exterior commercial applications in the harshest climates. If you are considering a thin brick masonry solution, look to VersaThin® brand by Meridian™ Brick.

Thinner, Lighter Weight Walls

VersaThin® is 3" thinner and 70% lighter than dimensional brick. Therefore, it can reduce foundation and wall structure costs and/or increase your wall's r-value by incorporating more insulation in the wall system.

Genuine Clay Thin Brick

Produced from the same shale and clay as Meridian Brick's dimensional brick, VersaThin® gives you the same strong, traditional and comforting appearance as brick. There are many concrete thin brick, quarry tile thin brick and faux thin brick on the market, but there is only one VersaThin®.

Diverse Color Line

VersaThin® is produced in 12 different plants across the US and Canada, and is available in over 200 colors and textures ranging from white to black in both residential and commercial expressions.

Multitude Of Texture Options

Our diverse texturing capabilities are a key reason many designers choose VersaThin®. Choose among smooth, velour, wire cut, tumbled, rolled, sanded and many other textures to meet your project's desired feel.

36 Colors In Stock

For the first time, we offer 36 standard colors in stock for immediate delivery.

Compatitble With Every Thin Brick System

VersaThin® is available in TBA, TBS and TBX grades. Therefore, our material can be installed using any field applied or panelized system on the market today.

Product Collections

VersaThin® offers the broadest palette of thin brick available, with nearly 200 colors and a wide range of sizes, textures and coatings. Use VersaThin® to help create virtually any look – indoors or out – from rustic to contemporary.

Grounded In Strength