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Unlike full bed brick, Authintic Brick can be installed virtually anywhere you want the warm and rich look of genuine brick without the worry of having a structure to support the weight of typical full-sized clay brick. Applying thin brick to a substrate can be a do-it-yourself project or installed by experienced trades people. For a complimentary consultation regarding the best application for your project, please contact our technical resources experts.

Some of the most popular DIY and field-applied installation methods are shown below.

For proper technical installation instructions, reference the Brick Industry Association Tech Note 28C.

Interior Adhesive Method

DIY friendly!

Thickset System

Applying metal lath and a mortar scratch coat over plywood and building wrap sheathing. Most popular exterior application.

Thinset Mortar

Or tile set method – cement backer board is used as the substrate and Authintic Brick is applied using a thin set mortar. This system is a great option for both interior and exterior applications.

Metal Support System

Pre-engineered systems that can reduce your labor and provide exacting brick coursing.
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